Paddock Organizes and Hosts First–Ever the RS Dressage Championship

Paddock organized and hosted first–ever the Republic of Srpska Dressage Championship. The competition was held in four categories and was judged by Ms. Sanja Olujic and Ms. Ivana Ljubic from R. Croatia. The Paddock contestants once again showed their superiority.
The Championship was held under the auspices of the Republika Srpska Ministry of Sports.

Paddock Takes Part in the Kratkofil Junior 2014

During June 2014 Paddock hosted filmmakers and a workshop within the Kratkofil 2014 Project. The project focused on children with disabilities and was supported by the UNICEF. Since Paddock puts emphasis on the promotion of hyppotharapy and equine assisted therapy, we were happy to support the project pro bono.

Paddock Organizes First-Ever the Republic of Srpska Dressage Cup

Paddock organized the first–ever dressage cup in the Republic of Srpska and hosted two out of tree held matches (the first match on 31 May and the final one on 12 July). The host of the second match was Equestrian Club “Neapolitano” from Srbac. We proudly announce that our members won the competition in all four categories.
Paddock thanks to the Equestrian Clubs “Stina” (Grude, Federation BiH), “Pegasos” (Sarajevo, Federation BiH), “Neapolitano” (Srbac, Republika Srpska) and newly formed “Prijedor” (Prijedor, Republika Srpska) for taking part in the competition.
Also, Paddock shows its appreciation to the local companies Pestan, ALF-om, ComTrade as well as to Mr. Predrag Bjelajac for supporting the competition.

Paddock Hosts Hoof Trimming Seminar

Paddock organized and hosted a hoof trimming seminar. CJF Nenad Dijanovic from Zagreb, R. Croatia successfully shared his experience and knowledge gained at the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School (USA) with six attendees from Republika Srpska.

Open clubs competition in dressage

On 19th October 2013 Paddock hosted the open clubs competition in dressage. Twenty-two riders from both Banja Luka Equestrian Clubs competed in four categories – “Beginners”, “Children”, ”Juniors” and “Seniors”. The competition was judged by two judges from Serbia, Ms. Lucija Kostic and Mr. Milan Djordjevic.

Seminar and competition in dressage held

8/30/2013 - 9/1/2013
From 30th August -1st September Paddock organized and hosted a seminar and the open competition in dressage for riders in two categories – Children and Adults. The said activities were run by dressage Trainer, Judge and FEI Steward Mr. Milan Djordjevic (Serbia). At the seminar, the participants learned about judging procedures in dressage competitions and competition procedures, rules and regulations.

Paddock at Banja Luka “Adventures fair”

Once again Paddock promoted both horseback riding and the Club itself. The Club’s members and volunteers successfully brought a beauty of horseback riding and advantages of a Equine Assisted Therapy closer to many visitors.

Paddock promotes equine assited therapy

On 10 August the Club organized and hosted the humanitarian event “LET’S SUPPORT EQUINE ASSISTED THERAPY” for the representatives of the international organizations based in Banja Luka, the entity and city authorities and the Institute for Rehabilitation Dr. Miroslav Zotovic. The Club’s members, led by the specialist Mrs. Rada Rakocevic (Serbia) presented purposes and effectiveness of the said therapy through the examples/exercises.
The Club shows its appreciation for the support to the representatives of the international organizations/diplomatic corps (OHR, EU Delegation to BiH, US Embassy Office, UK Embassy Office, UNHCR, R. Croatia Consulate) and the Institute, and, understandably, has no comment on the lack of any support of entity and city authorities, which ignored the event.

EC “Paddock” in the Official Programme of Celebration “Day of the City”

In order to promote equestrian sport, for the second time we organized promotion of equestrian disciplines, show jumping and dressage, as well as riding-school programme and we presented other activities that Club is currently working on.

Riding Licence Testing

For the first time in BiH we organized exams for the riding licences for new riders. The exams consisted of theoretical test and dressage riding test for 3 levels: „Rider1”, “Rider2” and “Rider3”. Members of our Club, who attended Winter Riding School, had chance to show their knowledge by taking this exam. In order to successfully pass the exam and get the Riding Licence for certain level, candidate had to score 55% at the both tests. In order to continue with this good practice and set the standards in equestrian sport, the Club will organize licensing every four month for new riders.

Advanced Dressage Trainings

In this period we had a chance to work with Mr Andrej Žnidaršić, dressage trainer from Slovenia with diploma of German Riding Academy in Warenndorf. Mr Žnidaršić trained us in advaced dressage riding and shared with us his enourmous knowledge and experiance, not just in dressage riding but in work with horses from the ground and natural horsemanship also.

Winter Horsemanship and Horse-riding School

From November 2012 – March 2013 we held “Winter Horsemanship and Horse-riding School”. All attendees had chance to get significant knowledge about general horsemanship and basics of horse-riding with accent on dressage riding. Winter school consisted of theoretical and practical classes.

Seminar and Public Training

As a part of continues education in dressage, for Club members and other interested (the number of participants is limited) has been organized seminar and public training with Mr Stipan Grsić, international equestrian referee and trainer.

Workshop – Therapy and Activities with Horses

After successfully organized presentation of Therapy riding programme in cooperation with Slovenian Fondation “Nazaj na konja” which has been held on 20.08.2011. within our Club premises has been organized first workshop and simulation of therapy and activities with horses. Workshop was held by Mrs Rada Rakočević, defectologist and licenced therapist for therapy and activities with horses. Workshop caused huge interest of individuals as well as media and public institution representatives.

“Friend of children”

As a part of cooperation with “New Generation” Association, this year also our Club hosted and organized activities with animals in countryside for protégées of this Centre. As a sign of gratitude for our help and cooperation this Association has allocated for the second time to our Club certificate “Paddock – friend of children” within the ceremonial celebration as a part of “Week of Children”.

FEI Dressage Forum

As a part of third international fair of horses and horse breeding “Horseville” in Novi Sad, for the first time, FEI organizided Dressage Forum. Lecturers were eminent experts from FEI Mr Trond Asmyr –FEI Director of Dressage and Para – dressage Department, Mr Wojtek Markowski from Poland – FEI referee and technical delegate on 2012 Olimpic games, Mr Ulf Wilken from Sweden - FEI referee and Chairman FEI Para-dressage Committe and Mrs Anna Merveldt from Ireland – International competition and trainer . Our Club had one representative on this Forum and all participants got FEI Certificates.

“Autumn in Gradiška 2012”

As a part of “Autumn in Gradiška 2012” manifestation which this year celebrated 30th jubilee, our Club participated in gallop race of Coldblooded horses and Lipizzans. In a Coldblooded horses race, our mare Beba won second place while in a race of Lipizzans, the most difficult and demanding, we won the first place with horse Favory Bregava.

Banja Luka Endurance 2012

For the first time in Republic Srpska, our Club organizide endurance competition in length of 20 kilometers. 8 competitors from four clubs from Republic of Srpska and Croatia have participated. First place won competitor from Equestrian Club “DiLeMa”, Rijeka/Croatia, second place went to competitor from our Club while third place went to competitor from Equestrian Club “Vucijak” Prnjavor/BiH.

Second Anniversary of “Paddock”

Our Club celebrated its second anniversary along with its friends and Club members. All present on the celebration we introduced with activities and Club results and we also organized entertaing competitions with and on horses. Competitors were the youngest members of the horse-riding school with their parents as well as other Club members and friends.

Open Competition in Dressage Riding “Banja Luka Open 2012”

Our Club participated at this year competition with two horses and three competitors. Tanja Dobrovoljski, competitor form our Club, won two 3rd places in child category with horse Beba and the 3rd place in total ranking for the same category.

Equestrian Sport Promotion in City Park “Dr Mladen Stojanović“

As a part of the Day of the City celebration, 22nd Aprila, “Paddock” organized equestrian sport promotion in city park. All visitor had chance to get introduced to dressage riding basics and to socialize with horses and riders from our Club. In order to promote equestrian sport, all participants gor education brochures, prepared and printed by our Club which contained short overviews of all equestrian sports disciplines as well as basic information about our Club. For the youngest were prepared and printed coloring books about equestrian sport, sponsored by Alltech Bosnia and Herzegovina company.

Most Successful Competitors in Equestrian Sport in BIH in 2011

Our trainer and competitor, Katarina Jovanovic, won 3rd place on the list of most successful competitors in dressage riding in senior’s category for 2011.

Open Club Competition in Dressage Riding “Hercegovina 2011”

In this competition organized by equestrian Club “Stina”, Grude/BiH, our competitor and trainer, Katarina Jovanovic, won 3rd place in senior category.

Working Visit to Poland

Members of our Club paid working visit to Poland on the begging of September, where we were hosted by family Wisniewski who enabled us to get introduced with their way of work, horse breeding and equestrian sport. Thanks to family Wisniewski efforts, members of our Club were granted by access to clubs, stud farms and competitions in this part of their country where the equestrian sport is very popular. We visited 6 clubs, stud farms and attended show jumping and 3-day eventing competitions. The visit was result of personal engagement of Mr Zorana Skenderije, former BiH Ambassador in Poland.

Open Competition in Dressage Riding “Banja Luka Open 2011”

3 members from our Club participated in this competition and won 4th in total ranking.

Public Trainings with Belom Petričanec-Mijić

As a part of continues education in dressage riding we organized public trainings with Bela Petričanec-Mijić in period of 5th – 7th August. Bela Petričanec-Mijić was born in Zagreb/Croatioa and has been in equestrian sport for 20 years. She had significant results in dressage and is the first rider in this region who past riding tests in Germany. Beside other result, the most significant are: Alpe Adria Trophy Cup 2004, two time national championships and won international competition FEI Challenge 2006. godine.

Club 1st Anniversary Celebration

On July 10th 2011 we celebrated our first anniversary. As a part of the ceremony we organized the first Club competition in dressage riding and presented to, more than 60 visitors, our results and achievements in our first year of work and informed them about our plans and activities for the future.

Seminar and Open Club Competition „Kakrinje open”

Member of our Club participated in 7-day education and competition after that, held in Sarajevo about 3-day eventing discipline. Seminar was held by Mr Stefan Durand, trainer from France and Mrs Sarah Greenwood referee and trainer in dressage riding from Great Britain. As a final part of this education, competition in this discipline was organized so that participants of the seminar could show their knowledge gained trough this intensive 7-day seminar and trainings.

Tellington TTouch seminars

From January 19-24, we were guests at “Kaja i Grom” ranch owned by Darja and Andrej Žnidaršič, whom we would like to thank for outstanding hospitality and beautiful time spent together. During our visit, on January 22-23, Darja held two seminars on the application of the Tellington TTouch method. We attended both seminars – “TTouch for cats, dogs and other animals” and “TTouch for horses”. The Tellington TTouch is a specialized approach to the care and training of our animals. Developed by internationally recognized animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones, (, this method based on cooperation and respect offers a positive approach to training, can improve performance and health and presents solutions to common behavioral and physical problems. Darja Žnidaršič is a practitioner and instructor of the Tellington method. After 21 years of active work with animals and 15 years of studying and working with animals in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the USA, she graduated from three colleges and was the first and, for the time being, the only one in Slovenia and former Yugoslavia awarded with three certificates: TTouch® practitioner for cats, dogs and other animals, TTEAM® practitioner for horses and, having learned that it is the owner who is held responsible for animals’ problems, she completed the TTouch-For-You. In addition, Darja has actively worked for 15 years in working and therapy with animals and education of adults and children in the field of etology, and she has worked for 8 years on pet therapy, Tellington method and therapeutic riding, with children who are physically, mentally, socially and emotionally challenged. Given that our attendance at the mentioned seminars caused great interest here, Mrs. Žnidaršič will hold one-day seminar “TTouch for dogs” on Sunday, February 13, 2011 at the Equestrian Club “Paddock”. If you are interested in the Tellington TTouch method and seminar you may contact us.

Dressage Riding - Public Trainings and Seminar

In period of 3rd – 10th August 2010, Mr Stipan Gršić from Serbia, international referee and trainer in dressage riding held several lectures about dressage riding as well as trainings with anyone interested in this discipline.

Formal opening of the Equestrian Club Paddock

Following two months of promotional work, the Equestrian Club “Paddock” officially commenced its work on Saturday, July 10th, 2010. Reception on the occasion of the opening of the Club was organized on the Club’s compound, while over 150 guests enjoyed the play by a group from Croatia “Lipicanska barokna raskoš” / The Baroque splendor of the Lipizzan / and their play “Lady and dancing horses” which depicted the origin of the Lipizzan breed through the dancing of proud Lipizzan horses and their riders in baroque dresses.

Contact address

Equestrian Club Paddock
Barlovci bb, 78000 Banja Luka
RS / Bosnia and Herzegovina

Telephone: +387 65 533 338

Tradition on horses

"His mane is like silk, legs supple as of a roe deer
His ear is restless, his black eyes shine.
Truly, seeing such a horse evokes joy and pleasure!
I would give half of my life for him, and he would do the same for me"
- Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić ("Little alkar")

"Cold-hearted breeder may be an artisan but is a bad creator."
- Gustav Rau