EC "Paddock" and Hippotherapy

From its establishment, Equestrian Club Paddock has been value-oriented and focused on applying high standards, in both professional and humane approach to our work. We try our best to emphasize humane treatment of animals and nature and create and maintain friendly and stress-free environment. Many of our members recognize those qualities, whether in the equestrian sports, equine assisted therapy, recreation, education or promotion and gladly take part in all Club’s activities.
As a result of our approach to the values we stand for and available capacity, a significant number of parents of children with special needs had been approaching us with request for conducting equine assisted therapy, since no specialized institution in the Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina entity) was practicing it. This led us to make additional efforts in pioneering an equine assisted therapy back in 2011 and we looked for know-how abroad. First, we established cooperation with Slovenian Foundation "Nazaj na konja/Back on the horse", accredited by the European Union and the Government of Slovenia for training therapists and horses for therapeutic purpose. In this vein, we established close contacts with local associations helping persons with special needs and obtained their support for continuation of our work. Also, we established close contacts with the therapists from Serbia, the Equine Assisted Therapy Alliance "Jasimo zajedno/Let’s Ride Together” and its President Mrs. Rada Rakocevic, M.Sc. in Defectology and Licensed Therapist, who has been generously guiding us over the past years, sharing her knowledge and rich experience with us.
Paddock is proud to announce significant progress in educating our staff which enabled us to commence therapeutic activities in early 2013.
At this stage, our entire work in the field of equine assisted therapy is on voluntary and humanitarian basis, with enormous help of our members, volunteers and Mrs. Rakocevic. So far we managed to provide services with current resources and a lot of good will and dedication.
In order to continue our work and cope with more complex requirements we need to improve activity and increase capacity; we addressed a number of local institutions, but due to the current recession and lack of knowledge and interest of local authority representatives there is no institutional support to our efforts to have systematic and institutional approach to this activity.
That is why we have decided to appeal to the public, so we could go on with our activities and increase our capacities. Your contribution would be sincerely appreciated, whether by providing us with a piece of advice, a piece of equipment, an opportunity for education … or if you simply feel like making a financial contribution – please, do contact us.
Every little help from your end will help us in making a step towards our goal – and those in need, their smiles and joy when in contact with horses are worth the effort!
For additional information, please call 065/533-338 or send e-mail.

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Equine Assisted Therapy

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Tradition on horses

"His mane is like silk, legs supple as of a roe deer
His ear is restless, his black eyes shine.
Truly, seeing such a horse evokes joy and pleasure!
I would give half of my life for him, and he would do the same for me"
- Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić ("Little alkar")

"Cold-hearted breeder may be an artisan but is a bad creator."
- Gustav Rau