Events for Kids and Family

Birthday celebrations

Each child's birthday is the most exciting day of the year, and for that to be "voow" for your little ones- we organize real birthday adventure.
With a lot of games, socializing and program adjusted to the children age, your child will experience with its friends the adventure in nature and will spend time with the horses and other club pets, fairies, elves, dwarves, looking for hidden treasures in the woods and exploring the forest .... and, just imagine that, will saddle "alone" and ride a real horse.
Within the educational and promotional programs of the Club, this kind of birthday events are organized for groups of up to 15 children, with a minimum age of 5 years. The celebration for the group of up to 10 children lasts 2 hours, and for a group of 11-15 children-3 hours.
In addition to the leased term, animation, program, learning about horses and riding - the price also includes one refreshment (juice) and some "snacks."
For additional information, you can call us at the phone number 065/533-338 or send e-mail.
We are waiting for you!


• 2-hours program for up to the 10 children: 140,- KM
• 3 hours of program for up to 15 children: 200,- KM
For each additional child, over an agreed number of children, is to be paid an additional 10,- KM per child. An extra hour stay in the club will be charged 20,- KM per hour.
Parents can bring their own food if they want to, or they can arrange food delivery from some of the restaurants that we have cooperation with.
It is not allowed to bring drinks.
If you want to organize a birthday party without our program, and just to rent a space, the price for that would be 20,- KM / hour of stay.
Walk on horseback in this case is charged 5,- KM per child.
Term is required to be scheduled a minimum of 5 days in advance with an advance payment of 50,- KM.

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Workshops For Children

If you support outdoor activities for your children, Paddock is the right place to be. One Hour – Workshop offers unforgettable experience to every child. Under the supervision of our coaches and instructors, children will discover the amazing equestrian sports and learn how our horses and other Club’s pets communicate with us and will have the opportunity to ride a "real" horse.
Price: 10,- KM individuals, group of 3-5 children 7,- KM, group of 5+ children 5,- KM each.

In addition to an One-hour workshop, a Three–Hour Workshop takes participants deeper into beautiful world of horses. In addition, group activities such as horse-shoe painting, drawing, painting, horse motives’ clay modeling, outdoor games such and treasure hunting, will make any child’s day.
Price: 15,- KM individuals, within a group of five children. We offer a special discount for a 10+ group. Snacks and one juice are included.

Family Hour

If you are looking for an activity for the whole family, Paddock offers a Family Hour to you for 20,- KM only. An active engagement of you and your family will bring joy to every member of your family through education and entertainment provided to you by our trained staff. And, of course, you all will ride!

Contact address

Equestrian Club Paddock
Barlovci bb, 78000 Banja Luka
RS / Bosnia and Herzegovina

Telephone: +387 65 533 338

Tradition on horses

"His mane is like silk, legs supple as of a roe deer
His ear is restless, his black eyes shine.
Truly, seeing such a horse evokes joy and pleasure!
I would give half of my life for him, and he would do the same for me"
- Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić ("Little alkar")

"Cold-hearted breeder may be an artisan but is a bad creator."
- Gustav Rau