Team building

Heaving in mind that the team building is part of modern business of large and small companies and organizations, and wishing to offer your employees a memorable day in the countryside, away from the everyday stress and obligations of the business environment, we have prepared a special program of activities that have aimed primarily stress relief, companionship and mutual interaction between the team members/ working colleagues.
Activities, that are part of the program are: riding, fencing and archery... noble and knightly skills without which in ancient times one could not survive, while today those skills are a reflection of high society. During your stay in our Club, our experienced trainers and athletes will introduce you to the secrets of these sports in a fun and relaxing, but professional manner.
In addition, there are numerous other activities such as beach volleyball, football, badminton, darts and many other ones to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
The basic package includes up to 30 people and includes horseback riding, fencing, archery and other sports of choice, an organization of catering or food preparation in your arrangement with engagement of staff and / or waiters.
For your unforgettable and active teambuilding in nature we can organize special programs of your choice and according to your requirements and preferences. During your stay Club is closed for other visitors, and fully at your disposal.

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Contact address

Equestrian Club Paddock
Barlovci bb, 78000 Banja Luka
RS / Bosnia and Herzegovina

Telephone: +387 65 533 338

Tradition on horses

"His mane is like silk, legs supple as of a roe deer
His ear is restless, his black eyes shine.
Truly, seeing such a horse evokes joy and pleasure!
I would give half of my life for him, and he would do the same for me"
- Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić ("Little alkar")

"Cold-hearted breeder may be an artisan but is a bad creator."
- Gustav Rau